Are You Spending Too Much On Expensive Facial Treatments at Beauty Centers?

Beauty Devices for Home Use That Save Us Money

Maintaining a young and healthy face requires frequent procedures that involve time, dedication and financial resources. Electro-stimulation, radiofrequency, ultrasound and laser, constitute the battery of technologies for face care that are usually offered in expensive aesthetic & beauty centers.

Manufacturers, in continuous competition with each other, every year bring to the market new machines that incorporate one or more of the above technologies under bombastic and sophisticated names with compelling marketing techniques that try to convince the end user that it is worth paying the high prices for the treatments.

The gap between the promises made by excessive marketing and the options that really work to obtain substantial improvements in our faces, are promoting distrust and skepticism and questioning the ethics of professionals working in this field. It often happens that the doctor in charge of “selling” the procedure to the client, is not the same person who then operates the machine who often has a precarious training on the handling of it, a fact that also makes us reflect on the real effectiveness that these expensive equipment can have.

Comments from people who have paid fortunes for treatments sold as miraculous and then been totally defrauded are common on the internet.

We usually set a very high bar regarding the expectations we have as customers when contemplating a rejuvenating treatment but we must recognize that our desires are boosted by the promises made by an inconsiderate marketing that is mostly concerned with recovering the costs of the investment in extremely expensive machines. We believe that the more we pay, the better the results will be and we always think in terms of instantaneousness and immediacy, without considering that just as our skin has deteriorated over the years, we cannot pretend to recover the smoothness and freshness lost overnight.

We demand changes that even a surgery would not be able to provide; we get to the beauty centers attracted by aggressively disseminated propaganda that offers us substantial changes in a matter of hours and we do not exercise our capacity for discernment nor do we have an inquisitive spirit at all; our daydreaming and naivety makes us victims of a disillusionment that we later call fraud.

These disappointing experiences have promoted the flourishing of the do-it-yourself movement that is gaining more and more resonance in the world. Today there are low-cost devices on the market that allow us to keep our faces in optimal condition from home without the expense and risk of “high-tech treatments” that advertising bombards us with daily.

Those expensive technologies, only available in specialized centers, are today within the reach of the consumer in reduced but highly effective versions. Even though the devices do not have a very high output power since they must be suitable and safe for personal use, their constant use and alternating between them in a timely manner, make a perfect circuit to keep the skin of the face healthy, even exceeding the benefits of professional use devices.

The high quality facial devices for personal use promote the generation of regenerative factors in a gradual and safe way for the delicate skin of the face. It will depend on our perseverance in their use to obtain the maximum benefits.

However, it is necessary to say that just as there are many facial devices for personal use that fulfill their purpose, there are also many misleading offers and low quality equipment that could well be described as scams. The primary mission of our website is to guide the consumer in choosing the best products in each of the categories we promote.

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