The Many Benefits of Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy to lose weight, get rid of varicose veins, drain retained fluids, relieve tired leg syndrome

Pressotherapy or compression therapy is based on applying pressure to different parts of the body, mostly lower and/or upper limbs. This improves lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate edemas and treat other conditions caused by poor lymphatic circulation. Edemas occur when body fluids and cellular waste products become trapped in the body and cannot be removed by the lymphatic system alone. The pressure applied during pressotherapy helps to draw these fluids and toxic substances into the circulatory system and the blood for subsequent elimination through the liver and kidneys.

Pressotherapy can be performed either passively or actively. The passive method is when pressure clothing such as compression stockings, girdles and sleeves are used. Compression stockings are recommended for people with circulatory problems when they are going to be immobilized for a long time (sitting in an airplane, or lying in bed) since they help increase circulation in the legs; compression sleeves on the other hand are useful for athletes to treat problems such as swelling. Finally, compression sleeves are widely used in the postoperative period of cosmetic surgery because they help to eliminate edema and swelling.

By active pressotherapy methods we mean compression systems by injection and extraction of air in bags that are shaped to the various parts of the body that allow for variable pressure on different parts of the body in an automatic way stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. They are available in full body versions, and also in the form of boots (to treat the legs) or sleeves (to treat the arms). Technology allows the use of different inflation, deflation and pressure level programs depending on the desired goal.

Benefits of pressotherapy

  • Retained fluids are removed from the body and limbs
  • Cellular waste products such as fats and toxins are removed
  • Edemas and lymphedemas are treated
  • Venous circulation is improved and therefore varicose signs are improved
  • Localized fat is mobilized
  • It is useful in post-mastectomies to achieve recirculation in arms
    Improves circulation in hypertensive and diabetic patients


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